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Poster: Kitty on Fire Records Date: Dec 22, 2008 8:28pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Kitty on Fire Updated Catalogie

I havnt posted the releases on the Forums yet, so Here is the Catalogue as of now. I started this Collection in August.

Kitty On Fire's Myspace Page

Kitty On Fire Catalogue

[KOF001] The Wretched Corpse Anatomy- The Retaliation of Gia EP(2006)

[KOF002] Cheerleader Concubine - CxCx Demo

[KOF003] Turtle Spew - I Slit My Throat So I Die

[KOF004] and then, there were Frogz! - Predators And Pokerfaces

[KOF005] Unicorn Hole - Twenty pieces o' shit from twenty o' seven

[KOF006] Cheerleader Concubine/Bukkakebath Split

[KOF007] The Tecno Mafia - Backyard Picnic
[KOF008] GREEZMINH - Harely Quinn
[KOF009] Emcee Flurry - Super War Lion!
[KOF010] The Endless - The End is Where it Begins EP
[KOF011] Silent Sounds - Fucking your Ear Vaginas
[KOF012] Emcee Flurry - The Longest EP Ever!
[KOF013] Endometrium Cuntplow vs. Astral Vomit - 2way Split
[KOF014] A Fallen Dream - Two Sides to Every Brain EP
[KOF015] Endometrium Cuntplow - Stagnant EP #1
[KOF016] Saram Hoki - Is This What You Wanna Hear? (Verious OldUnfinished Demos)
[KOF017] Strangled to Death - of Blasphemy and Blood
[KOF018] TrainWreck Orchestra - Is Now Served in Purple Plastic Wear
[KOF019] Unicorn Hole/Cheerleader Concubine Split
[KOF020] The Wretched Corpse Anatomy - rareanatomy
[KOF021] Man Among Wolves
[KOF022]The Techno Mafia - Funkadelic (Single)
[KOF023] What Words Cannot - Goodbye to Goodbye
[KOF024] Mixedupmess
[KOF025] Unicorn Hole - A Manditarily Merry UMas
[KOF026] Sour Milk Theorem - The Sixth Dimension of Chaos
[KOF027]Mario Ate Luigi - Demo
[KOF028] The Virginia Howler Demo 2008
[KOF029] iSCREAM - Shits and Giggles
[KOF030] Reign of Ruin
[KOF031] Blue Print to the Beast - Dude You Look 2-D
[KOF032] You Are The Betrayal - Written in White
[KOF033] Edge of October - Autumns Last Leaves
[KOF034] Apathy in Discord - Scars of Solitude
[KOFO35]Silent Snow - Imalgimation VO
[KOF036] Silent Snow - Galactic Star Point 5
[KOF037] THIRD I - Postindustrial Times
[KOF038] Undefined Existence - Cup of Broodles (single)
[KOF039] March of the Sleepwalker - The Doom Moon (Single)
[KOF40] Silent Snow - Instantanious Variable
[KOF041] Tyler Sanford - Beyond Words
[KOF042] Silent Snow - Partially Forbidden
[KOF043] iSCREAM - danceDANCE!

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Poster: petcord Date: Dec 23, 2008 6:22am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: Kitty on Fire Updated Catalogie

When I go to the release pages, there's nothing more but some zip files and images. No release description, no way to listen to the music, totally pointless keywords that do not help either and fake voting from the label's own staff or artists on their own behalf.

What's the point of this post, other than plugging your MySpam page? You don't really expect people to download entire zip files just to learn what kind of music they contain, do you?

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Poster: embe Date: Dec 23, 2008 10:03am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: Kitty on Fire Updated Catalogie

i agree; for these same reasons i skipped this catalogue

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Poster: Kitty on Fire Records Date: Dec 25, 2008 10:43am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: Kitty on Fire Updated Catalogie

Well let me respond to the problems to face with my catalogue.

First adressing the previews.
Im new to Archive, so Im just learning how it works. I didnt know how to get the player on the download section until recently when I acidently just uploaded an mp3 song, so now I know that Archive does that automatically. This is nice to know, I will be updating all the releases with samples. As for just the zip files, well they will remain that way. I dont put up singles, I put up full releases. I know its hard telling what your dowwnloading so why download a hwole release on faith, I agree. Which is why Im updating, Im learning the ropes guys.

now, as for the whole fake voting thing.
Thats bs, srry guys. I will admit we have one or two votes by the same people who released, but for the most part, KOF serves as a community of DIY artists and there is nothing wrong with us sharing our thoughts on eachothers music. Thier is no "STaff" just me. And I only rate and review releases I like. So please, no confusion there.

The Catalogue is linked from my myspace page. Thius label is basically a Myspace based label, therefore the catalogue is set up for the viwers who are linking from myspace to archive.

Keep updated. And thanks for the constructive critisism.